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Upload, Manage and Share your files for free!

Upload, share and store your files for free!
Free users get 500MB upload limits and about 700 kb/s download speeds while premium users get 3GB uploads and unlimited download speeds!
Share your files with anyone you like!
Sharing your files shouldn't be difficult. Share your pre generated HTML link or post directly to Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking platforms.
Fast and easy downloading
Our servers are always online and available to store and share your files. You can count on us to keep track of them and have them readily available at your fingertips.
Store your backups with us
Why fill up your SD card with your Android Backups? Save that priceless space for pictures and videos. Screw up your phone? No worries, your backups are safe with us. Just download it, restore it and be on with your life
Safe and Secure
Our servers are proactively scanning your files to ensure your ROMS, MODS and backups are safe at all times. We take security very seriously. If for any reason you believe a file is comprimised, please let us know immediately. ClamAV is our preferred antivirus
Referral Incentives
Want to start earning additional credit on your premium plan? It is simple to get started. Simply refer a new user to our site and once they register as a premium user, you will receive 3 months of premium service! That doesn't get any easier! Just email us their username and we will take care of the rest

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